Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Trump hints at imminent new indictment in social media tantrum
Trump hints at imminent new indictment in social media tantrum

Welp, Donald Trump is having a public fit again. Trump’s worst fits tend to come when he’s expecting bad news is about to break. Not only has speculation been rampant about a new indictment against him dropping as soon as today, there are new developments today in the form of a last-ditch effort by former Trump lawyer John Eastman to convince the Department of Justice not to indict him—which means, assuredly, that the Department of Justice has warned him they’re about to.

Yup, Donald’s in a full ketchup-throwing panic. From Truth Social:


We’ll have fun on the stand with all of these people that say the Presidential Election wasn’t Rigged and Stollen. THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY!!

That might look like a typo, but “Stollen” is a type of German Christmas bread, so Donald is technically correct on this one. No, the presidential election was not bread. Checkmate, Justice Department.


Do you think that A.G. Garland, and Deranged Jack Smith, understand that we are in the middle of a major political campaign for President of the United States? Have they looked at recent poll numbers? Why didn’t they bring these ridiculous charges years before — Why did they wait to bring them NOW — A virtually unheard of scenario? PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT! ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

“Why did they wait to bring them NOW” sure sounds like Trump has already been told he’s going to be indicted. There’s no “if” attached there.

The rest of us don’t know when or if special counsel Jack Smith will be announcing new indictments of Donald Trump and his cronies for the Jan. 6, 2021, attempts to erase the results of a United States election, but these proclamations from Trump are the words of a man who appears to believe it’s either already happened or is about to. This may be the first time in history anyone has ever actually said these words: I think we can trust Donald Trump on this one!

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