Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
The GoPro Hero 11 Mini has finally seen a major price drop
The GoPro Hero 11 Mini has finally seen a major price drop

GoPro’s miniature version of its latest action camera has finally been brought out to a seriously tempting price.

The GoPro Hero 11 Mini hasn’t seen quite as many deals as its larger sibling since its release, but all that’s changed thanks to an unbelievable offer from GoPro’s online store. Right now, you can nab the GoPro Hero 11 Mini for just £199.99, down from its original price of £299.99.

Given that the GoPro Hero 11 Mini was already designed to offer GoPro’s next level video and stabilisation at a more affordable price, this price drop just makes it even more of a bargain that’s well worth picking up if you want to have a reliable holiday camera or even fancy making a start on setting up a vlog.

While we haven’t reviewed the Hero 11 Mini, we’ve had nothing but great experiences with GoPro’s other cameras as of late, so if the Mini is anything like them then you should be in for a treat.

Major GoPro Hero 11 Mini Discount

Major GoPro Hero 11 Mini Discount

GoPro’s miniature action camera has just been given its biggest price cut yet courtesy of the company’s own online store.

  • GoPro
  • Was £299.99
  • Now £199.99

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As its name implies, the Mini is a fair bit smaller than the standard GoPro Hero 11, something that it achieves by ditching the front-facing and rear-facing displays. This might sound a bit jarring on paper, but you can see what the Hero 11 Mini is filming at all times via the GoPro app on your smartphone, just in case you want to line up a shot correctly.

Still, at just 133g the Hero 11 Mini is much easier to carry around, making for a far less cumbersome vlogging camera, and in spite of its small stature the camera can still shoot crisp 5.3k resolution video.

The Hero 11 Mini also benefits from GoPro’s outstanding HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilisation which is the best of its kind right now. Even though certain features have been bested by the likes of Insta360, GoPro still holds the crown when it comes to stabilisation so if you want smooth, easy to watch footage then you’ll get on well with the Hero 11 Mini.

Given that this is the first time we’ve seen the Hero 11 Mini drop this low, there’s no telling how long the deal will be around for, so best not to wait too long if you do fancy making use of it.


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