Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Official: Galaxy Z Flip 5 users won’t have to mind the gap
Official: Galaxy Z Flip 5 users won’t have to mind the gap

Samsung will notch a major foldable milestone when it launches the Galaxy Z Flip 5 next week – a hinge without a visible gap.

The design feature, which will see the Flip 5 fold completely in on itself, has been rumoured for months. Now it’s been confirmed by Samsung itself, in a short teaser video posted ahead of the Unpacked event next week.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Pause the video at about three seconds and see if you can see a gap at the hinge. Zoom in, if you wish. If you’ve got one of those non-existent devices from the movies that can enhance a low-res image to perfect clarity, do that too.

There is no hinge gap to be seen!

The video itself doesn’t seem to be focused on the hinge at all though. The “Colour your flip side” tag line focuses on the new array of shades Samsung is set to unveil on July 26.

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At the event, Samsung is also likely to focus on the much larger cover screen on this model. Rumours have suggested a 3.4-inch cover screen that’ll show mini versions of top apps and widgets.

Samsung is also equipping this foldable with the current flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor accompanied by 8GB of RAM, according to recent reports. There’ll be 256GB of storage on the higher end model and a dual camera with 12-megapixel primary and ultrawide cameras. We’re also expecting Samsung to add IPX7 water resistance.

Given most of the specs for both handsets have been leaking out for months, it’s going to interesting to see whether Samsung has any surprises in store for the event, which is also likely to see the reveal of the latest Galaxy Watch.

Samsung is already offering a few bucks off the Z Flip 5 (and the Galaxy Z Fold 5) in the United States for pre-order customers.


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