Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Nicola Coughlan surprises movie goers at Galway cinema
Nicola Coughlan surprises movie goers at Galway cinema

Pic: Instagram/Nicola Coughlan

It’s not every day that you run into a Hollywood star.

But if you popped into the cinema this weekend then perhaps you spotted Galway’s very own Barbie girl!

Yes, Nicola Coughlan decided to pop down to her local cinema to see Barbie in a gorgeous pink jumpsuit.

The actress appears as Nobel Prize Barbie in the highly anticipated film.

Nicola posed for pictures at Pálás Cinema in Galway city over the weekend.

And of course, pink was the colour of choice for not only the Bridgerton star but also those heading to the cinema.

The cinema shared a picture of Nicola with her family as they headed to Barbie as well as pictures of their busy weekend as movie lovers flocked to see Barbie and Oppenheimer.

“What a wee(ken)d!! The release of these two amazing movies has made this a record breaking weekend for Pálás – and then to top it all off we had a visit from a real live Barbie; Nicola Coughlan and her family!” the caption read.

Pic: Instagram/Nicola Coughlan

“Thank you so much to all of our amazing customers – you really took it to heart when we said dress up is encouraged for Barbenheimer weekend, and we love you for it!”

We love this for Nicola!


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