Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
New My Netflix tab is the homepage we’ve always wanted
New My Netflix tab is the homepage we’ve always wanted

Netflix is in introducing a new ‘My Netflix’ tab for mobile devices, which it hopes will reduce the amount of scrolling needed to find something to watch.

The new tab, which users will begin to see on iOS from today (and on Android next month), is described as a “one-stop shop tailored to you with easy shortcuts to help you choose what you want to watch.”

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The feature will include content you’ve already saved to My List, the ability to continue watching shows or films you’ve already started, as well as what you’ve recently watched. Your downloads will be available here, as well the reminders you’ve set for upcoming content. You’ll also see thumbnails for trailers you’ve previously watched, in case you feel ready to dive in.

The streaming giant says the feature will be better informed by the feedback from viewers on the shows they’ve watched.


“When you’re on the move with your phone, go directly to My Netflix, where you can quickly choose something you’ve saved or downloaded to watch. You can still visit your Home tab and other sections of the app to discover our full catalog of series and films,” Netflix said in a blog post today.

“Keep in mind that the more you interact with and tell Netflix what you like, such as saving more action-thrillers like Extraction 2 to My List or giving a thumbs up to every season of Bridgerton, the more you’ll see on the My Netflix tab.”

Netflix didn’t say whether it plans to bring this handy-sounding feature to the web or TV apps in the future. But overall it sounds like a pretty neat way to enhance the Netflix mobile experience to ensure users spend more time watching shows than scrolling through them. On mobile, this is especially handy because our time to watch is often restricted by commute times and so forth.


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