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Michael J. Fox Reunites With ‘Back to the Future’ Costars
Michael J. Fox Reunites With ‘Back to the Future’ Costars

Michael J. Fox recently went “back to the future” with his former costars on Tuesday, July 25! The actor reunited with his castmates at a gala ahead of the opening of Back to the Future: The Musical on Broadway. 

Michael, 62, attended the New York City-based event dressed sharply in black slacks, a button-down shirt and a sports coat. He posed in front of a model DeLorean time machine, just like the one featured in the successful film franchise. 

Other stars from Back to the Future who attended the event included Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Don Fullilove, Harry Waters Jr., Marc McClure and James Tolkan. The cast was all smiles as they embraced each other during the nostalgic appearance. Steven Spielberg, mentor to director Robert Zemeckis, was also photographed on the red carpet. 

Michael and Christopher, 84, posed with actors Casey Likes and Roger Bart, who portray their characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, respectively, in the Broadway production. 

​​”Marty McFly is what we all wanted to be growing up — it’s what I still want to be,” Casey, 21, said of portraying Michael’s character during a Good Morning America appearance. “I’m not doing an impression, but I’m doing enough of a reminder of how special Michael is while also mixing in a little bit of myself and trying to be as cool as I possibly can.”

Michael J. Fox poses with 'Back to the Future' costars
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The talented stage performer added, “My mom was a huge fan of Michael J. Fox and always said that I reminded her of him.” 

Back to the Future: The Musical is set to open to the public at Broadway’s Winter Garden Theatre on August 3. Michael previously shared his thoughts on the stage adaptation, calling the production “pretty good quality.”

“I was really taken [by the fact] that they’re not trying to do us. They’re trying to do a new thing,” he added. “It’s an independent piece based on the same set of ideas and characters.”

Michael’s appearance at the gala came just months after he candidly shared an update on his battle with Parkinson’s disease. 

“It sucks, having Parkinson’s … It’s getting tougher, it’s getting harder, every day you suffer but that’s the way it is,” he said during an April TV appearance.

He also revealed all of the health ailments he has suffered over the years in addition to fighting Parkinson’s, including undergoing spinal surgery and breaking bones in his face, arms, elbow and hand. 

“All these subtle ways that get you, you don’t die from Parkinson’s, you die with Parkinson’s,” Michael said. “I’m not going to be 80. I won’t be 80.”


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