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Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Rental Properties
Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Rental Properties

Since the rental market is so competitive in many places, many people opt to invest in rental properties to become landlords. Naturally, empty homes don’t bring in money. Therefore, the landlord’s goal is to avoid vacancies at all costs. 

However, landscaping the garden is quick and easy to make your home more desirable for renters and gain an edge over competitors. A desirable portion of land with excellent landscaping will increase the property’s curb appeal. This will also allow you to maintain a reasonable rent price to maximize monthly rental opportunities. The good news is that you can make landscaping work on a low budget.

Low-maintenance landscaping should be a top concern, whether you do it yourself or contract with a landscaping company. In this article, read along as we discuss low-maintenance landscaping tips for rental properties.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Rental Properties

Using hardscaping to replace grass

An excellent low-maintenance landscaping choice is to incorporate hardscaping elements into your design. Hardscaping is the technique of removing plants and replacing them with a hard surface, such as a patio, seating space, walkway, or border.

Hardscaping aims to minimize the surface area covered by living plants, resulting in landscaping that requires little or no upkeep. Remember that keeping a large lawn requires more work and costs more money. It would help if you discussed ways to spruce up your curb appeal with a property manager in Howard County

Replacing a large yard piece with a patio is great. Still, consider building a path leading to a little sitting area. Place a bench on top of a hardscape in a corner of the front or backyard to create a little oasis. It boosts curb appeal right away. The back seating area creates a cozy and friendly feeling in the garden.

Furthermore, encircling plants with stone or brick creates a barrier that keeps mulch or mud in place. Bordered areas near the house make it more difficult for intruders to gain window access.

Use Barrier Cloth for Weed Control

Nobody wants to remove weeds, especially tenants. To help keep weeds at bay, lay down a protective weed barrier made of weed fabric or biodegradable materials. Mulch also helps weed control in low-maintenance landscaping, so you should consider combining the two.

Organic barrier cloth is biodegradable, and you must replace it frequently. Experts suggest that you use it when growing annuals. It’s excellent for the environment but not consistently low-maintenance, depending on the type and how long it takes to degrade.

Straw is utilized as a barrier and as mulch at times. It can be a valuable pest control choice. Still, because it could be more appealing, consider putting it as the first layer on top of your chosen barrier before laying down other mulch.

Low-maintenance Grass

Choose a low-maintenance option if you want to maintain the lawn at your rental sparingly. Many species of grass require little watering and mowing on occasion. You can save time and money on lawn care by replacing grass with a low-maintenance option, even if it is initially more expensive.

No-mow grass seed mix and low-water grass seed are two low-maintenance grass seed options. No-mow grass seed combinations require just watering after planting, and depending on how tall you want your grass, you may only need to mow it once a month. Because low-water grass seeds do not require much water, you do not need to rely on your tenants to water the lawn.

Importance of Keeping a Neutral Theme 

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Rental Properties

Integration with the Environment

Neutral themes blend in with the natural surroundings, improving the property’s aesthetics. They enable your landscape to blend in with the existing architecture, other properties, and surroundings.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Being neutral does not imply being bland. A neutral theme gives a versatile canvas for adding seasonal decorations, different plant species, or other features without conflicting with the overall design. It enables you to make changes if your preferences or needs change over time.

Wide appeal

A neutral design for landscaping has universal appeal, attracting a broader spectrum of people. Whether you intend to sell your home or create a welcoming setting for visitors, a neutral theme can appeal to various interests and preferences.

Long-Term Benefits of Low-Maintenance Landscaping in Rental Properties

Reduced Expenses 

Low-maintenance landscapes require less regular upkeep, reducing recurring costs for landlords. Because tenants are often responsible for property care, minimally maintained landscaping might assist in attracting tenants who desire a stress-free outdoor space.

Increased Tenant Retention

Tenants frequently enjoy a low-maintenance outdoor area since it saves them time and effort in maintaining the property. Satisfied renters are likelier to renew their leases, lowering the landlord’s vacancy rates and turnover expenses.

Increased Property Appeal 

You can increase the curb appeal of your rental with a well-planned, low-maintenance landscape that looks attractive and welcoming to prospective tenants. A gorgeous outdoor area may have a beneficial impact on potential tenants’ decisions to rent the space.

Low-maintenance landscaping can also increase the rental property’s overall value. A property’s well-kept and simple-to-care-for façade might be a selling advantage, enabling landlords to charge greater rent or draw in better renters.

Final Thought

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a rental home requires landscaping. Low-maintenance options can significantly cut down on the need for significant time commitments. The numerous techniques can help enhance the property’s appeal while lowering maintenance time and costs.

You can make your property stand out with the ideal landscaping for a rental home. Low-maintenance landscaping with strong curb appeal is the way to go. You won’t ever struggle to find excellent tenants if you provide a beautiful, simple-to-care-for living place.


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