Mon. Sep 18th, 2023
Is YouTube making 1080p worse on purpose? What to know
Is YouTube making 1080p worse on purpose? What to know

YouTube has started rolling out a new feature called “1080p Premium,” which is only accessible through its Premium tier. So does that mean YouTube is downgrading regular 1080p for free users? Probably not – here’s what’s actually happening.

Announced earlier this year for iOS, Google brought up a new feature that would effectively enhance 1080p streaming in the YouTube app, with plans to bring the feature to Android. This upgraded – and presumably better-performing – version of 1080p utilizes a higher bitrate, which is the transfer speed of data.

A higher bitrate means a more efficient and precise picture with improved motion, according to Google. Of course, 1080p can only get so much better within the parameters of pixels allowed, otherwise, it’d have to be classified under a different resolution. Depending on whether or not you plan on streaming YouTube videos via a cellular or home network, you’ll have the option of choosing between a data-hungry version of FHD or not.

YouTube is calling this upgrade “1080p Premium” in the app. Some users have already noticed the new format rolling out to their devices and appearing above the standard 1080p offering from the app.

YouTube probably isn’t making regular 1080p worse

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube is leaving the original 1080p alone. It was rumored that YouTube is repackaging normal FHD as “Premium” and offering a downgraded version to free users, though that’s likely far from the truth. When the company announced 1080p Premium for iOS, it stated that 1080p is not going anywhere.

The current 1080 resolution offered for every user, regardless of subscription, is unchanged. For those that wish to pay for YouTube Premium, you’ll see two 1080p offerings, with the top offering the higher bitrate. Choosing the premium version will eat more data, but should improve picture quality somewhat.

While all users will still have access to 1080p, this enhanced 1080p quality setting will look extra crisp and clear, especially for videos with lots of detail and motion. Whether you’re an avid sports fan or locked in on the latest gaming videos, this new feature will bring an even deeper visual quality to our members!

As YouTube rolls out 1080p Premium for paying subscribers, we’ll see the difference this new resolution and bitrate bring. It’ll likely be minimal, though the original flavor of 1080 will remain unchanged.

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