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DC’s New Demonic Batman Is Commissioner Gordon’s Son
DC’s New Demonic Batman Is Commissioner Gordon’s Son

As the Knight Terrors event sweeps through the DC Universe, James Gordon faces a nightmarish new Batman. But in a world shaped by the former Commissioner’s fears, this Dark Knight can’t be just anyone – and all signs point to the idea that it’s actually his psychopathic son, returned from the grave.



Batman and Gordon have had an iconic partnership throughout the years, and while Gordon may not risk his life quite as frequently as Bruce Wayne, he’s paid the price when it comes to his family. One of the darkest details about Gordon’s home life is his son, James Gordon Jr, who grew up to become a vicious serial killer. Even after everything James Gordon Jr has done, Gordon still feels haunted by his failure to save him, and that haunting might become literal as a twisted version of Batman stalks Gordon’s nightmares, as seen in Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1 by Dan Watters, Riccardo Federici, and Brad Anderson. Enjoy a preview of the comic and its official synopsis below:

Gordon’s Own Personal Batman Haunts Him

batman Knight Terrors Detective Comics 1

batman Knight Terrors Detective Comics 1 preview page 1

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Jim Gordon stumbles upon a sacred ritual held by three disciples chanting around an enchanted clock…and one of them is wearing the robotic Batsuit that he donned many years ago as Batman…except this metal suit seems to have soldered directly into the flesh of the wearer! What do these creatures want with Gotham, and why are they targeting Jim’s daughter, Babs, too? This has to be a dream, right? Or perhaps it’s a nightmare, but if you die in it, you can die in real life as well…

Knight Terrors has been revealing a ton of characters’ fears and inner turmoils as the godlike Insomnia plunges them into the Nightmare Realm, where their darkest fears take form – and can kill. While many heroes have encountered worlds warped beyond belief, it seems James Gordon will start off in a more familiar Gotham. However, fans know that he’ll face a biological version of the robotic Batman armor he used during the brief, controversial period when he replaced the Dark Knight. As the comic opens reflecting on James Gordon Jr, it’s clear that there’s no-one Gordon wants in that suit less than his evil son. The idea that James Gordon Jr is under the armor is bolstered by the synopsis clarifying that the new villain is after Barbara Gordon – a frequent target of the villainous James.

This nightmare world could be the perfect chance for Gordon to finally confront what his son became. It’s also a perfect metaphor for Gordon’s deepest conflicts and fears – is his commitment to saving Gotham alongside Batman responsible for his son’s monstrous crimes? If so, melding James Gordon Jr. with the former Commissioner’s own Batsuit is the perfect representation of everything he’s terrified to confront.

The world of Knight Terrors may not be real, but real heroes are experiencing it, and a final confrontation with his son may help Gordon process an irrevocable source of pain. As Insomnia’s magic sweeps across the DC Universe, heroes and villains alike will have to face their worst fears. But it’s possible characters like Commissioner Gordon could come out of Knight Terrors better, by confronting their buried fears – even if those buried fears take the form of a monstrous, serial killer Batman.

Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1 will be on sale from DC Comics July 25!


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