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Cast, Confirmation & Everything We Know About The Ghana-Set Sequel
Cast, Confirmation & Everything We Know About The Ghana-Set Sequel


  • Girls Trip 2 is confirmed and will take the cast to Ghana for a wild and zany vacation trip to an entirely different continent. Expect more laughs and heart-touching moments from Ryan, Sasha, Lisa, and Dina.
  • The Girls Trip 2 cast will include the four main stars from the original movie, along with the potential return of Larenz Tate as Julian. The script is still in development, so don’t expect a release until late 2024 or even 2025.
  • The setting for Girls Trip 2 in Ghana opens up possibilities for storyline and personal drama, especially with the inclusion of the Afrochella Festival. Music and culture will play a significant role in the sequel.



Girls Trip 2 news is starting to come in for the sequel to the popular 2017 comedy movie. The original movie starred Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, and Jada Pinkett Smith. Lifestyle guru Ryan Pierce (Hall) wanted to reconnect with friends from college, so she invited her friends to a music festival in New Orleans, where she was the keynote speaker. However, when Ryan’s husband’s affair becomes public knowledge, it threatens not only their marriage but the friend’s relationship with each other as well. It was a huge success, with a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it took six years to get a sequel in the works.

With the original Girls Trip making $140 million on a $19 million budget (via The Numbers), the sequel made sense, but it took a while to get the Girls Trip 2 script together and all four actors ready to go. However, by 2023, the Girls Trip 2 news revealed that the sequel was gearing up, and the actors were back for another go around. With the first movie a successful R-rated comedy romp, the sequel has a lot to live up to, but if it comes close to the original, expect more laughs and heart-touching moments for Ryan, Sasha, Lisa, and Dina.

Girls Trip 2 Recent News

The cast of Girls Trip

The most recent Girls Trip 2 news indicates that the movie is taking the titular girl’s vacation trip abroad. The first movie had the girls take a vacation to a concert festival in New Orleans. However, the Girls Trip 2 story will be leaving the United States completely for this wild and zany vacation trip to an entirely different continent. According to co-writer Tracy Oliver, the plan right now is to set the story in Ghana. This also matches up with what producer Will Packer teased when he said they wouldn’t return to New Orleans, and he planned to go “somewhere bigger and better.”

Girls Trip 2 is Confirmed

Original cast of Girls Trip (2017)

The Girls Trip 2 news about its confirmation came at the Sundance Film Festival in 2023. Tracy Oliver, co-writer of Girls Trip, was at the festival and revealed that “it’s officially happening. I can say that.” She also said that they will take the cast international with a trip to Ghana this time around. With the script still in development, and the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes underway, don’t expect much to happen on the movie right now. This means the Girls Trip 2 release date probably won’t happen until late 2024 or possibly even 2025 depending on the shooting schedule.

Girls Trip 2 Cast

The cast of Girls Trip walking down the street

Producer Will Packer revealed that the Girls Trip 2 cast will definitely include the four main stars. This starts with Regina Hall as Ryan Pierce, a successful best-selling author who was a keynote speaker at the festival in the first movie. She finished the first movie by leaving her cheating husband (Mike Colter) and starting a new gig as a spokesperson for a major chain store with her close friend Sasha. Queen Latifa starred as Sasha, a former Time magazine journalist who was running a struggling gossip Internet blog. By the end of the first movie, she shut down her blog and went into a partnership with Ryan.

The other two main cast members in Girls Trip 2 are Jada Pinkett Smith as Lisa and Tiffany Hadish as Dina. Lisa is a nurse and a mother and Dina is the loud and rambunctious party girl of the group. Outside of the four leads, Larenz Tate should return as Julian, a musician that Ryan started a relationship at the end of the first movie with. Regina Hall is excited about the movie, and she said she can’t wait until they are working together again.

“I just can’t wait to see the script. It is going to happen, it’s what I’ve been told. I did hear that they’re writing… It’s going to be really, really nice. I’ve seen the girls, obviously but to work together again…It’ll be great to have everyone back together all at once.”

Girls Trip 2 Story Details

The cast of Girls Trip lying in bed.

Co-writer Tracy Oliver announced at the Sundance Film Festival that the setting for Girls Trip 2 was Ghana, taking the action out of the United States. When she announced this, Harlem actor Shoniqua Shandai yelled out “Afrochella.” This could play into the Girls Trip 2 story. In the first movie, the former college friends went to New Orleans for the Essence Festival. While there, they had to deal with infidelity, financial hardships, trust issues, and more. They then came out at the end of the movie stronger than ever. If the second movie follows suit, things could take place around the Afrochella Festival.

The Afrochella Festival attracts thousands of people to Ghana every year for a two-day festival, and it could really open up storyline possibilities for Girls Trip 2. While the actual story remains a mystery, adding in the music and culture of Afrochella should open up the possibilities for the more personal drama that these four women are sure to bring in Girls Trip 2.


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