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AMC Stock Soars After Surprise Ruling In Settlement Case
AMC Stock Soars After Surprise Ruling In Settlement Case

In a dramatic turn of events, AMC Entertainment’s ambitious plan to convert APE (AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock) preferred units into common stock was abruptly halted by a ruling from Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn in Delaware.


AMC stock surges 100% after-hours after Delaware judge blocks settlement deal
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This unexpected development sent a shockwave through the financial markets, resulting in a remarkable surge of up to 100% in the company’s class A shares during after-hours trading and boosting the company’s market capitalization.

Understanding AMC Entertainment’s Conversion Plan

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc., a renowned name in the entertainment industry, had devised a strategic move to convert APE preferred units into common stock. This move was aimed at streamlining their share structure and bringing greater flexibility to their equity holdings.

From a technical analysis standpoint, AMC stock has crossed the 50MA and the 200MA moving averages in one sweep during after-hours trading. This makes it technically a buy. (Technical analysis is not foolproof and this is not to be construed as financial advice. Please consult a financial professional when investing.)

The chart shows a pattern breakout known as a bullish descending triangle and its characteristic payout.


stock chart of AMC 4hr time frame showing massive activity
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It does not make sense that it would move given the judge’s blocking of it. Short sellers were caught by surprise apparently. The stocks are both hard to borrow and expensive to borrow (1053% fee to short the stock). By converting the preferred units, the company intended to create a unified class of shares, which could have had a positive impact on investor confidence and overall market perception.

The Halting Ruling by Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn

Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn, presiding over the Delaware Court, took a significant stance by denying a large settlement proposal presented by AMC Entertainment. This proposal aimed to not only allow the conversion of APE preferred units into common stock but also to distribute additional stock to offset the potential dilution of existing shareholders.

The denial of the settlement proposal came as a surprise to many market observers, as it had been anticipated that the court might greenlight the plan. Vice Chancellor Zurn’s decision has introduced an element of uncertainty and unpredictability into AMC’s future trajectory.

Market Response: A Surge in Class A Shares

The aftermath of the ruling witnessed a whirlwind of activity in the financial markets, particularly during after-hours trading. AMC Entertainment’s class A shares experienced a remarkable surge, climbing as high as 100%. This surge demonstrated the extent of investor interest and the market’s sensitivity to decisions that can impact a company’s capital structure or that short sellers were covering their positions to avoid bankruptcy.

Potential Implications and Investor Sentiment

Vice Chancellor Zurn’s decision may have significant implications for AMC Entertainment and its stakeholders. Without the conversion of APE preferred units into common stock, the company might need to revisit its financial strategies and explore alternative avenues to achieve its objectives. This ruling could prompt AMC to reassess its overall capital allocation and funding plans.

AMC Stock Has A Loyal Following of Almost 4 Million Retail Investors

Investors and analysts are closely monitoring the situation, as the ruling could shape investor sentiment toward the company. The denial of the settlement proposal may raise concerns about corporate governance and the ability of the management to navigate critical decisions effectively. “Apes” are a group of investors who’ve stuck with the stock since the Meme Stock phenomenon of 2001. You simply can go to any major social media site, especially Twitter, and find them.

Gamestop in January 2021 and AMC’s share price in June 2021 went up astronomically in what is known as a “short squeeze”. A stock that becomes overleveraged or overly shorted suddenly changes direction in price causing those who borrowed shares to expect the price to fall. Instead, the price reverses direction and short sellers must buy back the shares which creates momentum pushing the price further.

A cycle occurs, especially when the move makes headlines like it has in the months since December when the court suit was filed. That occurred a week after Ape preferred stock suddenly skyrocketed in price on the company’s announcement that it would convert the APE units into common stock.

Looking Ahead: Uncertainty and Resilience

As AMC Entertainment navigates through this unexpected hurdle, the company’s resilience and adaptability will be put to the test. The entertainment giant will likely engage in careful deliberations to determine its next course of action. Furthermore, investors will be closely observing any updates or announcements from the company’s leadership to gain insights into its future plans.

While the recent surge in class A shares is undoubtedly a positive sign for many investors, it is essential to recognize that market dynamics can be fluid and subject to rapid changes. AMC Entertainment’s ability to weather these fluctuations and stay on a growth trajectory will be closely scrutinized. It’s a fan base of diehard investors or Apes who refuse to sell the stock based on a desire for free and transparent markets.


amc stock surges after hours after judge blocks settlement
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Is AMC Stock About to Squeeze Again?

The recent ruling by Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn has significantly impacted AMC Entertainment’s conversion plan, creating a ripple effect in the financial markets. The denial of the settlement proposal has raised questions about the company’s path forward and its implications for existing shareholders and potential investors.

As the situation unfolds, AMC Entertainment will need to demonstrate resilience, transparency, and clear communication to navigate through these uncertain times successfully. For investors and market participants, staying vigilant and informed about the developments surrounding AMC Entertainment will be crucial in understanding the potential long-term effects of this ruling on the company’s growth and stability.

The 2021 meme phenomenon made Gamestop the #5 short squeeze of all time, and AMC #3 in that list of enviable stocks to own when it happens.

The current reigning short squeeze or “mother of all short squeezes” (MOASS) is held by Volkswagen which squeezed in 2008. AMC and Gamestop Apes or retail investors are waiting for the one to beat it. With the S&P500 and Nasdaq about to break 52-week highs, this situation bears remarkable similarity to the events of 2021.


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