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8 Best Shotguns In Starfield (& How To Get Them)
8 Best Shotguns In Starfield (& How To Get Them)

The best weapons for close-range combat in Starfield are shotguns, which get some of the highest damage against enemies during the frantic combat of this massive RPG. Unique versions of these destructive tools have unique abilities that can make them even more dangerous. Those looking to obtain the most reliable shotguns in the galaxy might have to pay a good amount of Credits or complete the right missions.



Ambitious interstellar adventurers should remember that Legendary weapons in Starfield are based on pre-existing tools with different mods attached to them. Unique, Rare, and Normal rarity shotguns are the ones to analyze when comparing different traits. These guns use Caseless Shells, Heavy Fuses, or CLL Shells with limited rounds as their typical ammo, which can each be bought from certain vendors.

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8 Old Earth Shotgun

Starfield Old Earth Shotgun with Stats Displayed

  • How to Get
    – Find in Old Weapon Caches or Purchase from Firearm Vendors

The Old Earth weapons in Starfield are great starting guns for your journey, with the Old Earth Shotgun being a balanced example. Sporting an average Accuracy stat of 56.3% and a 12 Gague Shell ammo type, the raw physical damage dealt by this weapon can be strong at early levels. Like many shotguns, it unfortunately struggles at any range that isn’t right next to an enemy, but it still has the potential to work reliably.

Shotguns that use Shells as their primary ammo type rely on burst area damage, spreading their shots at extremely close range with devastating power in exchange for a limited range.

7 Pacifier

Starfield Calibrated Pacifier Shotgun Weapon

  • How to Get
    – Purchase from the Centaurian Arsenal, Neon Tactical, Rowland Arms, or UC Exchange Shops

Not every weapon has to be used as a tool of war, as seen by the Pacifier shotgun’s modifications to deal non-lethal damage to your targets with the EM-Charged Shot modification. Certain factions, like the United Colonies in Starfield, may have missions that have you take down enemies peacefully rather than putting them down permanently. With an 11-round magazine, this gun also fires more often than standard weapons.

6 Breach

Starfield Breach Shotgun with Stats Displayed

  • How to Get
    – Pick Up as Loot from Ecliptic Commandant Enemies OR Purchase from Firearm Vendors

The Breach shotgun has eight mod slots to upgrade it further, making it a weapon that can gain more advantages than many other guns. Despite a relatively slow rate of fire, the Breach has extremely high damage over a longer range than other shotguns in Starfield. According to DeltiasGaming, the number of customization options for this tool is limited by your creativity as you gather more mods to equip the weapon with over time.

When purchasing shotguns from Firearm vendors, the weapons may be equipped with various mods, depending on your character’s level.

5 Big Bang

Starfield Big Bang Particle Beam Shotgun with Stats Displayed

  • How to Get
    – Purchase from the Centaurian Arsenal, Neon Tactical, Rowland Arms, or UC Exchange Shops

The only Particle Beam Shotgun in Starfield is named Big Bang, an appropriate title considering how this weapon uses both physical and energy damage at the same time. With above-average accuracy and a low fire rate, no other shotgun strikes such a potent balance between their stats. Having this firearm allows you to build your character in multiple paths that plan for both damage types in equal measure.

4 Rapidshot

Starfield Rapidshot Rare Shotgun with Mods and Stats Displayed

  • How to Get
    – Purchase from UC Distribution Shop in the Commercial District of New Atlantis

The Rapidshot offers an evolution from the Normal shotguns found in Starfield with a Rare Effect exclusive to this weapon. The Rapid trait of this firearm causes it to fire at a 25% increased attack speed, making it perhaps the fastest shotgun that your character could discover in their journey. Hosting a ridiculous eight mod slots in the same way as the Breach, this rare item serves to make combat easier as you encounter tougher opponents.

3 Brute Force

Starfield Brute Force Rare Shotgun with Mods and Stats Displayed

  • How to Get
    – Complete the
    “Run the Red Mile”

The Brute Force shotgun is given as a free reward from Mei Devine on Porrima III for when you complete the Red Mile race in Starfield and excels almost as a bludgeoning weapon instead of a firearm. Even though this tool has incredibly high physical damage per shot, the Rare Effect named Bashing gives you double damage when gun bashing. This ability makes Brute Force even more effective in fights where you run out of ammo.

2 Jake’s Hangover Cure

Starfield Jake's Hangover Cure Hidden Shotgun with Stats Displayed

  • How to Get
    – Steal from behind the counter at Jake’s Shop at The Well

A special shop found in the Well of New Atlantis in Starfield called Jake’s has the hidden weapon Jake’s Hangover Cure, which may only be collected by stealing from the owner. While this may discourage many interstellar travelers with golden hearts, those who aren’t afraid to cause a bit of mayhem will enjoy the Heavy Fuse firing weapon. While this weapon has no rare effects, it boasts far higher damage than most shotguns.

Like the Big Bang, Jake’s Hangover Cure also deals both Energy and Physical damage, leaning more into Energy this time. Although capable of eliminating even high-level enemies in one or two shots up close, few weapons can overcome nearly all defenses like this gun. The only aspect holding this tool back is a somewhat low magazine of 8, with a fast rate of fire tearing through the ammo count quickly in Starfield.​​​​​​​

1 Experiment A-7

Starfield Experiment A-7 Rare Shotgun with Stats Displayed

  • How to Get
    – Persuade Ethan to Give you the Shotgun During the

The Experiment A-7 shotgun is an experimental weapon from the “Final Glimpses” quest that eventually leads your character to the planet Freya III. The “Entangled” mission will see you interact with NPC Ethan, who can be convinced through a successful Persuasion check to hand over this prototype gun. Depending on your character’s unlocked skills and build, this could be fairly simple or quite difficult to pull off.

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This tool combines all the qualities of the best shotguns with high damage, eight mod slots, and a shooting speed that can only be described as “rapid-fire.” The Rare Effect, Exterminator, lends you a +30% damage bonus to alien enemies for explorers who want to traverse the most hostile worlds. The best shotguns in Starfield may be challenging to acquire, but these weapons allow you to feel safe against whatever threats lurk in the reaches of space.


Source: DeltiasGaming/Deltia

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